What Makes an Experienced Rider? (Part 2)
by Pete Hitzeman

Actions To Make You A More Experienced Rider

Becoming an experienced rider doesn’t happen automatically, or by accident. It’s more than a simple accrual of years or miles. It’s a conscious and continual process, one that is carefully nurtured to maturity, and then maintained.

  1. Variety

In the flying community, they say that there’s a difference between flying for a thousand hours, and flying one hour a thousand times. The lesson contained there is that if you only do the same thing over and over again, it’s unlikely you’ve learned much of anything. Experienced riders seek out all sorts of different riding challenges, from twisty mountain roads, to long open stretches, to drag strips and road courses, to city traffic. They expose themselves to different bikes, riding styles and disciplines, to round out their skill set.

  1. Practice

Veteran riders know that skills can get rusty, so you’ll find them practicing, periodically. They’ll be out in a big parking lot doing max braking drills, slow, tight figure eights and the like. Better still, go to a local track day, and practice everything at once.

  1. Study

Experienced riders study everything relevant to their sport. From their bikes, to their gear, to riding technique, you’ll find them devouring everything they can find. They’ll read tire spec sheets and reviews until their eyes bleed before deciding on a set. They know every single inch of their bike, and have put a wrench on more than half of it.

  1. Mileage

This was left last on purpose, but there is no substitute for seat time. The human learning process requires repetition, and to ingrain all of those skills you need to be a proficient rider, you’ve got to spend a big amount of time doing the thing. Experienced riders can become newbies again when they step away from riding for years at a time.


Source: https://rideapart.com

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