Tyler Bendis is a 15 year old Sophomore at Trabuco Hills High School in California who dreams of hitting it big in the bicycle world.


The 135-pounder Californian used to regularly go to an awesome place called the Oakley Trails.  Over the years, people have built amazing trails and jumps in the massive area.  Unfortunately for bikers, it got closed down, leveled, and converted into a housing area.


Tyler still go to local trails like Whiting Ranch and O’neil Park, which are great for workout, and Telonics in Laguna Beach, which is a totally awesome downhill trail.


A couple of times a year, He goes on a 2-hour trip up to the Snow Summit at the Big Bear Mountain.  It is the closest bike park with a bike lift, and it’s worth the drive to get there.


Tyler started biking 2 years ago when his friends asked him if he wanted to try it out.  He took his BMX helmet and a crappy $50 bike and went with them.  That was the moment he first realized, “this is the sport I truly love!”.  He found the passion for the sport and because of the amount of time he spent riding, he has gotten better than almost everyone that took him on his first ride 2 years ago.


Recently, he started racing downhill and haven’t achieved yet his results because of crashes.  This led him to consider the enduro scene, hoping to get more satisfying results.


He has 4 bikes:  that crappy $50 bike that sparked his passion and actually used for a couple of months until he was able to afford a better bike, a Specialized hardtail, and old 2007 Felt Virtue 3, and now he has a 2012 Trek Slash 7.

















The highest elevation that he rode his bike was about 8,000 feet in the Snow Summit.  Three of his goals in mountain biking are:

(1) to get on the podium in either endure or downhill race,

(2) to get to the top of the Saddleback Mountain on a bike.


He lives at the base of Saddleback mountain where he is  able to see every day the peek which is about 6,000 feet.  Although it wouldn’t be the highest elevation reached, it would be the biggest ascend considering he lives at about 800 feet in elevation.   Talk about eyes on the prize! And since they don’t get any snow (unless he’s at the Big Bear Mountain), he plans on reaching the snow at the top on his bike, and have the most epic descend after.

















He just loves the weight of Spyder’s gear.  “The shorts are very breathable, so they are comfortable when going uphill as well as going downhill.”  He says he doesn’t even notice the helmet on his head because of its very light weight.  He commends the Spyder products’ uniqueness, knowing that whenever he’s in a race or just on the local trails,  nobody will have the same kit as he.  “Spyder has helped my biking experience by allowing me to try new things knowing that I have their gear to protect me along the way”.


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