cycling destination 2Who wouldn’t know Ka Vergel and his restaurant stopover in the middle of nowhere? Cyclists have become friends with Ka Vergel and his we-cook-your-favorite-canned-food-while-you-wait is almost always either a riding destination for trail enthusiasts, or a stopover to those who want to continue challenging their capacity.

cycling destination 6Wanna talk about steepness? These aptly made-up names in Timberland will surely make you question you leg’s unshakeability.  There’s a very good reason why one part of the route is called the Cardiac Hill, and you don’t wanna mess with a reputation like that.

cycling destination 7

The scenery along the way alone is payment for the hard work you’ll exert trying to overcome every twists and turns of the road. The cool clean climate overlooking ancestral lands is the ultimate reward.

cycling destination 3

Some intermediate to advance cyclist would consider the summer capital of the country the best place to test one’s resolve. There are a multitude of routes to take, such as Marcos Highway, Naguilian, Kennon Road from the West side of the map, or the 107-kilometer long road via Aritao from the East.  Any way you choose, it’s gonna be long and hard.

cycling destination 4Many dubbed it as the beginner’s course to an uphill conquest. The low but long gradient is perfect for those who wants to spend a day in the chilly climate.  A well-deserved “bulalo” of bone marrow soup while overlooking  Taal volcano is one good way to spend a Sunday.

cycling destination 5Going to Talisay, Batangas is easy. But it’s the hellish climb upwards to Tagaytay that’s not.  Dubbed as “Sungay” or horn, bikers find this place one of the hardest to ascend.  The non-stop zigzagging upward path is difficult to conquer, but the good thing is, anywhere you stop, you get treated to a great view of the lake and appreciate the simplicity of the rural life down there.


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