“This has been one of the happiest experiences I have had since I have started riding a motorcycle. I hope you (all) can try it out and visit our friends, the Aetas, and buy the fruits and vegetables they sell. It’s organic!”Jason Abalos

Jason Abalos, a well-known television and movie personality, motorcycle enthusiast and a member of Team Spyder, recently joined Lahardcore: The Lahar Invitational Challenge on April 14, 2018 in Angeles City, Pampanga.

The first motorcycle event of its kind, Lahardcore featured 10 off-road team challenges in a vast area of land covered in lahar (volcano mud or debris). Angeles City’s lahar-filled areas are the effect of billions of tons of magma spewed out by Mount Pinatabo in June 1991. Recorded as one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the 20th century, the eruption displaced more than 10,000 families, including the indigenous tribe of Aetas who lost their livelihood as well as their home



Aside from bringing together bikers from all over the country to test their skills in every aspect of the ride against each other, Lahardcore was also to boost tourism to the city of Angeles as well as provide opportunities for everyone to learn more about the Aeta community and culture.


Photos from @thejasonabalos IG account

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