Mr Bam Olivares, Motoring Section Head of the Daily Tribune,                                      reviews Spyder’s Phoenix 2.0 – a Full Face Helmet.

SPYDER Helmets, are made of high quality materials with ICC and ECE safety rating, and solely distributed by Roshan Commercial Corporation, with head office at RCC Center 104 Shaw Boulevard Pasig City.

For one month, the SPYDER PHOENIX 2.0 single visor full face helmet in shiny white was this writer’s daily helmet. The exterior design was more aerodynamic compared to the predecessor, more so on the rear portion, with three new design flap vents, that were easier to operate, located in front and front top portion and fitted with a pair of exhaust vents on the rear portion to keep the interior cooler. The bottom portion of the helmet was fitted with a better material that had more grip, to avoid sliding down from flat smooth surfaces, like tables. The helmet shell size for this writer was proportioned and the 1400G. weight was light for daily use. On long rides, or staying too long in traffic, and while the perspiration builds up in the lining, the helmet loosens with regards to all helmets and even after several washings. It would always be best, to fit a new helmet properly, before deciding on purchasing one. The inner lining used, seem smoother and felt softer, it was quick to dry, the noise level when wearing the helmet was suppressed, and the side lining around the ear area, this writer had no complains, it was eye glasses friendly.

The SPYDER PHOENIX 2.0 full face helmet, had only a single visor, but was redesigned with handles and visor lock, now located on the front center and a vented nose guard to prevent the visor from fogging, on rainy days. The SPYDER PHOENIX 2.0 single visor full face helmet model, is available in colors like shiny black 300, shiny white 100 and are also available with graphic designs and comes in several exciting colors, with sizes from small, medium, large and extra-large. Value for money (SRP php 2,695) and quality wise the SPYDER PHOENIX 2.0 single visor full face helmet is a good choice and ideal for daily use.

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