Mr Bam Olivares, Motoring Section Head of the Daily Tribune, reviews the Agiato Helmet.


by Bam Santiago Olivares

                                  SPYDER Helmets are rated with ECE safety rating together with a ICC mark and solely distributed by Roshan Commercial Corporation with head office at RCC Center 104 Shaw Boulevard Pasig City.

For one month, a SPYDER AGIATO Retro half face helmet with inner smoke visor in shiny black with graphics plus the distinct chrome stripes bordering around the shell, was this writer’s daily helmet and was used too on, DAY-3 of the 1st Motorcycle of the Year testfest, held at Arca South in Taguig City. The exterior design was very classic, or retro for some, a definite head turner for its attractive looks and finish. Probably due to retro styling, the rear bottom portion of the helmet felt a bit short with a tendency to expose more of the neck portion, as with all SPYDER helmets tested having a quick release retention strap, makes it less complicated and for this model, the leather lining around the removable washable lining, looked very classy and was easy to remove for washing, to have a more sense, of personal hygiene. The helmet shell size for this writer was proportioned and the weight of 1150+50G was really light for daily use.

The advantage of using a retro half face helmet with just an inner smoke visor during traffic and slow riding, first, it was cooler, plus the short visor peak helps keep the sunlight off your face and the peripheral view was better. Typical of retro style helmets, top shell air vents, were not part of the design, so it would be best to be mobile. Having a half face helmet on rides would be cooler in terms of inside temperature but for this writer, a full face helmet could protect the rider’s head more.

The SPYDER AGIATO Retro half face helmets with inner smoke visor are available in colors like shiny black, matt black, matt white, matt gray and all with retro graphic designs, with sizes from small, medium, large and extra-large. (SRP PHP 2,495)

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