The National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines recently held its 21st National Convention in the Tagaytay International Convention Center in Tagaytay Cavite.  Riders from all over the country converged in the coldest and highest part of the province of Cavite and reunited with old friends. This year’s host club is the LERAP or the Law-Enforcement Riders Association of the Philippines, led by Gen. Ding Pace.


The week-long event officially started April 6 on which Tagaytay declared as Motorcycle Week which included VIP treatment to all riders.  The party officially started Friday, April 10, when the sponsors and exhibitors set up their booths and riders started to arrive.  Delegates from far up north such as Ilocos and Cagayan to riders from far down south Davao and Cotabato all came to join in on the festivities set by the LERAP.


The annual event is rotated among Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  Last year, the Dapitan Bikers Brotherhood of Dapitan was host to the Annual Convention, and the Thunderbugs of Bacolod the year before that.   This year’s convention, which the LERAP hosted, was the most ambitious yet, as it was the first time a convention had a week-long celebration with numerous goings-on everywhere such as the Honda Unity Ride where all Honda bikes rode as one unit, a charity ride to Chosen Children led by Maharlika Riders from Sydney Australia and the Guiness World Record attempt with the most number of simultaneous motorcycle burnout, and yes we broke the record of 217 with 300 motorcycles.


Spyder Philippines congratulates the host club LERAP for a successful event that brought together all riders from all around the Philippines.

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