June 13 and 14, Tiendesitas.  People, not just riders, from all walks of life, feasted their eyes on the yummy and delectable motorcycles in their vintage and restored forms.  Vespas, Lambrettas, Harley-Davidsons and even Triumphs made their case for all to see, to be the best in their respective categories.   More than 80 eyecandies were on display, uniting the top builders, restorers and customizers under one roof.  It was the first ever Radio Republic’s Moto x Show Trade Fair and Biker Build-off.


Besides the glistening sights, our ears were also treated to an overdose of rockin’ music from the bands that performed in the show namely, Imago, Kjwan, Erectus, Typecast, Hilera, kontra and Small Hands.   The event was managed by musician and bike fan Zach Lucero, thus explaining the fusion of motorcycles and music.


It was a subtly historic event for the custom culture.  For many years, many have been wanting to unify and solidify the culture, but it was Zach Lucero and his team who managed to finally pull it off.



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