George Alves Irineu is an international model who hails from Brazil.

10727820_1483403131946870_255659159_nThe 26 year old Brazilian is into soccer, basketball, motorcycling and any other sports you could think off.

Asides from these sports, he also loves nature and animals.



His claim of his life’s greatest achievement was when he traveled internationally to become a professional model and actor.


He has been to different countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, India and his latest exploit was in Cape Town, South Africa.




Despite numerous countries he’s been to, he is still looking into going around the world a few more times, before finally settling in a country that will fit his lifestyle.


We have seen him a few times, with his numerous local endorsements including Rexona Invisibly Dry, Gillette, Dole, Jollibee, Boracay Rum, KFC, Mitsubishi and a few others.  And he’s looking to doing a few more.


“I’m glad to be a part of the family.  It’s cool, I’ve been with the guys a few times and it’s incredible. We always help each other out and always improve our lifestyle. I think it’s more than a team, it’s a family, and I’m glad to be a part of it.” exclaims George about his involvement in the Team Spyder.11282709_382275715301101_35431867_n



And when asked how he finds the Spyder products, he says he loves the amazing designs that can match the looks of different races.


“And talking about quality and durability, I think they last forever.”, he proudly claims. “With the cool style of Spyder products, it makes me confident in my game.  They are tough and give me good protection.”


The passion for adventure, travel and good spirit make him a new addition and a brother in our growing community, the Team Spyder.

All photos in this article came from his interesting Instagram account at Go give him a follow.

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