It’s a helmet for goodness’ sake. No matter the form or intended environment, the helmet will be a helmet, and have its use, that is to protect the head. The following examples may be silly but when you really think about it. We are pretty sure that you are gonna try donning a helmet when frying your favorite fish especially if the pan is as cooperative as Mt. Vesuvius. And we’ve heard tales of road side scuffles where the motorcyclist gets the upperhand because of the wonderful protection the helmet offers, coupled with the knuckled gloves that can spell the lights out for the other guy.


When in construction sites, the motorcycle helmet can serve as a construction helmet. Truthfully, a motorcycle helmet can even give you better head protection than the ordinary construction helmet. But don’t take this for granted, no amount of head protection can protect you from a descending h-beam, it can only protect you from dropped tools and small debris.


When welding something, the motorcycle helmet with a dark tint visor can be a great welder’s eye protection. Good thing about it is, it stays in your head and no need to use the other hand to pickup up the welder’s goggles and other thingies.


When cooking especially frying, the helmet can protect you from scalding oil splashes. You’d look stupid, partnering it to an apron, but it does the job.


When in a bar brawl, the motorcycle is the definitive ultimate head protection against jabs, crosses, cue sticks and flying 8 balls. That’s why it’s a god habit to never leave your helmet in your motorcycle and always take it with you when going to a bar.  Also applicable in road rage situations.

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