May 23, 2012: Neither extreme sunlight nor rain can hinder the continuation of the 3rd round of the MX Messiah Fairgrounds 2012 Amateur Motocross Championship last May 23, 2012 at Club Metro East in Rizal. The weather perfected into the brightest sunny forecast after a series of drizzles and heavy rain, giving the trail a very challenging setting.

Racers from many teams battle it out in a 3 lap-battle-royal. The casualties were at a minimum and the race was really entertaining to fans and non-fans of the sport.

Team Spyder was one of the most visible sponsors of the 3rd round, and was generous enough to issue a 10% discount to all participants, organizers and even the spectators. Several participants even chose to wear spyder gear for this very dangerous sport, giving our team the assurance and confidence that we provide top of the line safe helmets to our patrons. Here are some pictures of last Saturday’s event.







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