They are the largest contingent awardees in every motorcycle event that they attend to.  Not only it’s a testimony of their strength, but of their desire to stick together through adversities for years to come.  Last July 19, the Law Enforcement Riders Association of the Philippines celebrated their 19th year of friendship and adventure together at the Driftwood Resort in Indang Cavite.


Headed by the kind-natured, motorcycle-loving general Fernando “Ding” Pace, LERAP grew steadily over the years attracting riders from all around the country.  Several chapters had to be created to accommodate the number of motorcyclists wanting to be in one of the most prestigious motorcycle groups.  They recently made noise hosting the 21st National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines, where brother-riders from around the country were welcomed in the cool city of Tagaytay for the festivities.


It was a sea of blue and yellow that evening, the official colors of the LERAP riding jerseys.  The night was filled with fun, games, food and the band’s rocking music while the riders took time to socialize with other LERAP members.  General Pace himself toured all the tables and clinked glasses with them.


Although still a year ahead from now, all are already looking forward to being part of the gonna-be legendary 20th year of LERAP.


photo credit: LERAP FB

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