It was a sea of motorcycles.

The backside parking of Eton Centris in Quezon City overflowed with Honda motorcycles, as riders gathered up for the firsy Honda Bike Fest.  The event officially started at 5pm but as soon as 5:10pm, there were no more slots for riders to parked their Honda bikes in the designated free parking.  Late comers were instructed to park in any place available.  The estimated number of Honda bikes along was more or less 1,200 and this number does not include the pillion passengers, those who used the cars and those who didn’t use their Honda motorcycles.

The day started with the recognition of the many Honda groups that attended the event.  The delegates were treated to free food and drinks and of course free booze to celebrate the night away.  A Miss Honda contest was also a main part of the show, where the riders get to choose their favorite Honda muse.  Also, an integral part of the show was the bike show where the riders and customizers get to show off their skills in creating the most captivating show bike.

Spyder Congratulates the Honda Riders Club of the Philippines for organizing this monstrously successful event.

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