Helmet Components

Did you know that most important helmet component is the EPS foam?  The Expanded Polystyrene or EPS, is the white styrofoam sandwiched between the tough outer shell and the comfort liner. Here are the other components that will help you get to know your helmet better:

  1. Front Air Vent – Allows fresh air intake to cool the rider’s head
  2. Lens Gasket – Minimizes air and water from getting through the opening
  3. Lens – Protects the eye from outer elements and conditions
  4. Breath Deflector – Prevents fogging
  5. Mouth Vent – Allows fresh air to come through. Usually filtered with a net to catch unwanted elements
  6. Side Vents – Allows fresh air intake to cool the rider’s head
  7. Buckle – Secures the helmet into place. Locking mechanisms may range from a double D ring or quick-release buckle.
  8. Spoiler – Improves overall aerodynamics when speeding up.
  9. Rear Vent – Releases warm, damp air from the interior.
  10. Outer Shell – The most visible part of the helmet – it holds the shape of the EPS together. Comes in a glossy or matte finish.
  11. Impact Absorbent Liner – The most important component of a crash helmet. It lessens the blow by absorbing the impact in the event of a crash.
  12. Side Plate – Secures the lens to the helmet.
  13. Comfort Liner – Allows the head to fit snugly into the helmet. Usually removable and washable.
  14. Base Gasket – Provides protection on bumpy roads. Secures the comfort padding and EPS into the base of the outer shell.
  15. Chin Strap – Connects the buckle to the outer shell. Usually padded to allow for additional comfort.

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