Daniel Sedlak is a 27 year old motocross racer who grew up in Hamburg, Germany, and is now residing in San Diego, California. He has traveled more than 40 countries to race and also teach kids fulfill their dreams in the field of motocross.




Six year old Daniel was influenced by his dad who was also a rider, and consequently, bought him and his brother a 50cc bike to play around on. This childhood penchant made him the racer he is today.



He started to race in different countries starting back in 2007 when he was invited to show his exemplary motocross skills in Dubai.




He then went on to race across the globe, doing his best to master the local tracks and win some trophies.

dan 4a

dan 4

Motocross is an integral part of his life.


dan 5a

The sport took him to different countries in 5 continents, doing what he loves most, motocross racing.  “I get to do something I love for a living every day of the week.  You can’t beat that!”  Daniel exclaims.

dan 5

When not twisting the throttle, he loves feeling the gentle breeze with his road bike.

dan 6

And being somebody from California, riding the waves through surfing is definitely one of his past times.

dan 7

Traveling the world led him to love and experience different cultures.

dan 8

As a professional racer, he has participated in World Championship Events in Europe, in AMA Competitions in the US, and stood on the podium several times.  His most notable experience was placing 1st in the very unique Lake Kenyir Monsoon Challenge, which had the race track built in the middle of the jungle.  Another noteworthy experience was the FIM Kuwait Invitational, in which he placed 3rd.

dan 9

Daniel founded Sedlak Offroad Schools in 2008 and has organized Motocross and Enduro training camps all around the world since then. Over the last 20 years, he has gained a great amount of riding experience and he is happy to share it with kids, just like how he started it. He is set to help them become faster and safer riders.

dan 10




China – He competed 3 times and amazed by the country’s rich history and interesting culture.  He also likes the food there.


 dan 11

Uganda – He is involved with the motocross-riding Orland brothers and has the opportunity to visit the country as often as possible.  He finds the African country awesome, with all the cool animals and craziness that unfolds in Kampala’s daily life.


 dan 12

Sweden – A great place for the summer.  The weather is nice and the girls are pretty.  “You can never go wrong with it!” says Daniel.

Italy – It is one of his favorite places in Europe.  He finds the food amazing, lots of history and culture, and a lot of breathtaking landscapes.

 dan 13


San Diego, California – San Diego is not a country, as Daniel explains, but since America is so big, it might as well be.  Of all the places he’s been at, he found a great home in San Diego.  He likes the California sunshine, to the beaches, and the diversity of people living there.  He finds it harder and harder to leave, the more he stays in the place.

dan 14

 dan 15Dan during his visit in the Philippines

His future plans are simple; to stay healthy and to keep living the dream for the rest of his life.

dan 16


“I love being on Team Spyder. It’s awesome to be part of a company that stands behind their athletes and supports a big variety of sports all around the world.”

dan 17

“Ever since I started wearing Spyder’s motocross goggles I’ve noticed an improvement in visibility especially when the sun is really bright. The Brawl MX helmet is really comfortable to wear and my Spyder sunglasses make me look really good when I walk along the beach to go out for dinner. From motocross to cycling or traveling I know that I get to wear great equipment that keeps me safe out there.”

dan 18

Photos in this article are from Daniel’s instagram account, do give him a follow here.

Also subscribe in his Youtube channel to see his motocross moves here.

Check out Sedlak Offroad School here: Website| FB page.

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