Tim Howell is a 26 year old adrenaline rush craver from the UK who loves nothing more than climbing and jumping off things.



As a mountaineer, he gets to ascend steep climbs and enjoy the 360 degree view of the world.  But that’s not the only reason he climbs things.  He jumps off them.



One of the best natural high, is falling from high places, and of course with the assurance of safely landing down.  Tim gets to experience terminal velocity on a regular basis.


When asked where he wants to do his BASE jumps, he said in the mountains, the Swiss mountains to be exact.10894998_1423279001322311_14135560

BASE by the way is an acronym for places one could jump with a wingsuit; Buildings, Antennae (towers), Spans (bridges) and Earth (mountains cliffs).


And due to the fact that these places give you minimal amount of reaction time, makes it way more dangerous than skydiving.

skibase new exit canopy shot


Tim started his adventurous lifestyle when he was 21 and hasn’t looked back since.


Now 26, he has under his belt the distinction of being the only British bloke to do a ski BASE jump.



He also climbed the north face of the Eiger, jumped and glided through the air.


Aside from climbing, mountaineering and BASE jumping, Tim is also into photography, video editing which chronicles his wild heroics for us to enjoy.


He is also an accomplished skier.

VB in a weekend (16)


His immediate plan is to continue learning and progress to a more serious jumps, and jump high altitudes, and exits that require technical mountainering experience to get to.

tim freak


And above all, he wants to enjoy flying with friends.


As for the most memorable places he already visited, he says it’s too many to put on a list!  Some of his favorites are South Africa where he plans on going back. “Rio de Janeiro has amazing jungle jumps.“ He happily stated.



He also had the opportunity to go to Antartica but missed the weather window.  Out of all these beautiful places, he still loves the European Alps for jumping.


“The Spyder Crane helmet I use is perfect. I need something that fits comfortably and is stable on my head when I fly at 120mph and on top of that it looks great. It’s light but above all it will protect me if I have a bad landing!” – Tim said when asked about the equipment he uses while at the air.



As for Tim’s advise for the aspirants and thrill-seekers like him, he says: “If you want it that bad you’ll always find a way! And head to the mountains, it’s the best playground!”

crane helmet


Follow him on

IG @tim_howell_advntr  and FB page where we grabbed all these inspiring photos and see for yourselves.


Tim Howell, we are so proud to present you as part of our roster of people living the life with love for adventure and the outdoors! #WeAreTeamSpyder




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