When Declan Jeffery is not studying, his bike becomes his world.

“I can ride to the top of the hill, and have an awesome shred to the bottom.” Says Declan, a highschooler who already knows what to do in life.  He intends to make a living out of cycling, be it road, mountain or TT.  He joins cross-country  races, endure races, national triathlon and just about every fun event pushing his mental and physical limitations.  The Australian biker is often seen in the Victoria’s Alpine Region, honing his skills, while enjoying the solitary ambience.

As part of the Team Spyder Community, see how he intends to dominate the world in our blog: www.teamspyder.com/blog/declanjeffery

Follow him on his  Instagram @declan.j and watch his videos on youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/freshairball

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