Imagine no more asking the wife for a weekend pass to do your favorite hobby; she’ll come with you, and bring the kids too. This is the wonderful, blissful and at times competitive life of the Ramos family who hails from Baguio.

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A triathlon is possibly the most atrocious punishment you can give your body. Swimming in usually cold water putting stressful work for the upper body, then shifting that stress in the lower body in biking, then finally bringing it all in the running. Shifting from one discipline alone is hard, let alone do it competitively. Enduring all these, might as well endure them as a family.


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The Ramos’ have been making headlines as a family of triathletes. They have been competing in major triathlon around the country. But don’t let the novelty of being a family of triathletes competing together fool you. This bunch is fast and competitive. In the very first event that both Jet and Josh competed together, they both got podium. Dash got gold in the 6-8 age group. Jet and Lou got both podiums too in the same event.

They say, family is of utmost importance. They are the reason why we do things. But doings things together as a family is what any family members could ever wish for.

team ramos

*trisuits were altered to fit kids size

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