France is country that has a lot to offer.

As a travel destination, there are gazillions of things to do there.  And we love everything french!  Cheese-lover?  Brie, camembert, roquefort, yes they are all french cheeses.  Museum nut?  Oh yes, Chambord, Chenonceau, Chinon, and of course any mention of museums, the word Louvre automatically comes to mind.   They are known for their affectionate nature, be that in their material passion, or their amoureux.

17-year old Alexis Dumortier is your typical french guy;


who is very passionate about stuff that moves us, skateboarding, skiing, running and cycling.



The Lyon, France native has been smitten by that two-wheeled contraption and now regularly pedals his way around with his downhill bike and electric bike.


Clearing a 10-meter road gap was his greatest achievement, he exclaims.



He also joins competitions such as (regional cups) Morillions, Milliau, St Pierre de Chartreuse, Roc des Alpes, Aussois, Les arcs, Cormaranche, Chanac and (Frenchs Cup) Les carroz and Super besse.  He made to the top 10 rank in his junior year in the regional cup, in the top 20 in French cup and is the number 3 in Roc de Alpes.


His future plans include joining European IXS cup and all the regional and French cup.  He will be dedicating his time to honing his downhill skills.



Alexis also loves traveling the world.  He already visited the USA, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.





I’m very happy to ride for this awesome brand“, brags Alexis about being part of TeamSpyder.  “The helmet is very good, comfortable, lightweight and the design is pretty good“.



As to how contributes to Alexis daily ride/sports/activities, his reply was:  “Je me sens en sécurité quand je porte mon casque Spyder et je peut sans cesse repousser mes limites et donc progresser “.  In English,  “I feel safe when I wear my spyder and I can always push my limits and thus advance.”



So, the next time you go to France, do visit the museums, appreciate the arts, eat cheese, and be on the lookout for a good-looking french guy on a bike named Alexis Dumortier.



Spyder is proud to have him aboard and become one of us – The Team Spyder.


Follow him and see more of his adventures on his instagram where we grabbed all these amazing photos.  –



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